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McKinsey 7S Framework Model

McKinsey 7S Framework Model McKinsey 7S framework model is a strategic planning tool designed to help an organization to understand whether it is set-up in a way which allows it to achieve its objectives. Before the arrival of the McKinsey 7S framework model, when the managements have thought about organizational design, they have tended to …

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Influence of Internal Environment on the Organization

Influence of Internal Environment on the Organization¬† The organization is a complex and dynamic socio-economic system. It has an open character, being a component of the economy and society. Integration of the organization into the environment in which it operates shows that the organization is not only in an adequate relationship with the environment, but …

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Organizational Strategy

Organizational Strategy In the present globalization era, an organization is required to face several challenges for capturing the opportunities. The world seems to be limitless, where presently very fast technological developments are taking place. Under this environment, the organization is required to adopt several strategies to become a successful organization. The automation process, education and …

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