Anand Kumar

“It is great to see your articles which carry so much content and knowledge about steel industry. The clarity of the topic, \’which is a great concern for a new reader like me\’ is awesome.

But the most important thing is your effort and energy that you are contributing at this age is incomparable. I really admire you for this and would like to learn from you more. I will try to learn more and more from you and your website.”

Anand Kumar

Arvind Dixit

“I know the value of your Website 
I have met several Steel plant managers who use it during WSA /IIS conferences. Really full of knowledge”

Arvind Dixit

Chittaranjan Kar

“Thank you very much sir. This web site is really helping working professionals operating in steel environment which covers posts from technology to management. You have been kind enough to make us learn so many things during your NINL tenure.”

Elangovan Manickavasagam

“Thanks for the information shared. My sincere appreciation for your efforts to impart basic knowledge to the new comers to the steel field. your presentation is in simple terms and will highly useful for the new entrants to this field. keep your good work.”

Heyno Smith

I want to introduce myself as Heyno Smith, presently an independent steel consultant. I have app. 30 years of experience in the steel industry, and mainly production aspects covering BF\’s, EAF\’s, BOF\’s, CC\’s, HSM\’s and to a smaller extent CRM\’s as well.

I am presently consulting a Vietnamese company interested in establishing a steel complex. There is high drive to accomplish this development, but minimal experience in any steel making aspects. In trying to explain some of the concepts, I found the info on ISPAT GURU to be very useful to address the basics of different steel making aspects. It is concise, and addresses the issues clearly and in relatively simple terms (although some explanation will still be required to a novice in this field).

I would like to introduce a more formal process of training the local personnel in basic concepts of steel making. Before starting my own notes and re-inventing the wheel, I was however wondering if you already have a comprehensive compilation of all the aspects covered in ISPAT GURU? I could pick them out one-by-one from the internet, but a more complete volume that can be used as reference would be much appreciated.

Could you please indicate if such a complete compilation is available, and if so, what cost is attached to it, if any. It would be great help, as the ISPAT GURU information is very useful and enlightening for novice steel makers as well \’\’veterans\’\’ like me!.”

Mårten Görnerup

“I have visited your site several times. Excellent knowledge database.I have also recommended it to other users, especially university users.”

Rajagopal Panigrahi

” I am a Doctorate in Management, your articles are very helpful my students and me. If any doubts, can I posted on your wall in face book “

Rajindra Clement Ratnapul

We recognize the site’s continuing dedication and contribution to the Metallurgical fraternity, in particular the steel sector. The technical articles which treat a variety of topics are up-to-date, concise and informative. Congratulations.

We wish the site a bright future and hope that the readership will continue to grow.

Sampath Kumar

Recently when i was googling for some articles, i found this excellent web site with many useful and informative articles, which helps to the steel industry professionals like me.
Thank you very much.

Satya Narain

Sarna ji, you are doing a great service by sharing professional knowledge in such a detail. You deserve Padma award for your contributions.

Savio Pereira

I thank you for creating such wonderful & knowledge rich articles and website. It is an inspiration for me.

Shiva Nirmal

First of all, congratulations on maintaining such an informative blog and contributing your part to the field of metallurgy. I have recently completed my B.Tech in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. This website of yours has inspired me to learn a lot of new concepts which I was unclear in the past. I thank you for keeping me inspired and igniting a learning fire in me.

Subhas Behera


This is really an achievement, what people dreamt of.

An inspiration to people in the line.

Excellent creation for the Industries in practices. Engineering Executives, Plant Operators and CEOs may not search for the references every field of Iron & Steel making.

My best wishes

Supratim Daschoudhury

Really good for those studying B.E/M.E in metallurgy

I take the privilege in conveying you my thanks for having created/organized such an important knowledge base which immensely helped me while doing graduation in metallurgy and material sc engineering.

Svetlana Taran

I was so admired by your great experience and knowledge at the steel industry and metallurgy.

Syed Armughan Husain Mughni

I am a big fan of your work and personally think that your website is the most comprehensive work done by anyone on the steel sector. Keep up the good work

Thomas J Coyne jr

I have found that your articles are of an utmost value in my continued work and advisories with developing nations and in their quest to educate their people and implement exploiting of their natural resources for their development.  I wish to thank you for that and after 50 years in the I&S industry find it to be a simple introduction to all the various subjects in the industry.

Thomas Reffle

I just wanted to thank you for this website. It is an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience. I just found it today and I cant believe how complete it is. I’m a polymer scientist for 27 years but I’m taking several metallurgy courses (for the fun of it) and need to write a paper as the last assignment. I choose vacuum degassing as my subject because we didn’t real get into that subject too much and in the polymer worked we use vacuum degassing for many applications. So not only do you have nice articles on that I found ten or twenty other articles I was interested reading, so now I have a great source to read over the winter break and for next semester.

Thank You for putting your life’s work for all to learn.

Vinit Ved

I have visited your website and am really impressed with your knowledge about the steel industry and also the fact that you have created such an open platform for everyone to attain knowledge

William Roberts

Your postings on the effect of various elements in steel are very interesting and informative. Please keep up the good work!”

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