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Manager Employees Relationship

Manager Employees Relationship Managers and employees are important for an organization since both of them play a crucial role for the efficient performance of the organization and hence, the relationship between them carries a lot of significance for the achievement of the goal and objectives of the organization.  The relationship between managers and employees sets …

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Factors affecting Motivation of Employees

Factors affecting Motivation of Employees In the present day competitive environment, every organization is to strive on a continuous basis for success. Managements of successful organizations are aware that employees play a very important role towards the success of the organization and hence they always work for employees to be satisfied and motivated. Motivated employees …

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Incentive, Recognition, and Reward Systems

Incentive, Recognition, and Reward Systems Incentive, recognition, and reward systems are often referred as ‘incentive systems’ in short. These systems are developed on the things which can attract the employees’ attention and stimulate them to work more efficiently. These systems are intended to achieve some specific change in the employees’ behaviour and aim at improving …

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