Day: September 8, 2021

Low Alloy Steels

Low Alloy Steels Alloying elements are added in the steels for various reasons which include improved corrosion resistance and / or improved mechanical properties at low or elevated temperatures. Alloying elements are also used to improve the hardenability of quenched and tempered steel. The term ‘alloy steel’ is used for those steels which have got …

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Management of Industrial Relations

Management of Industrial Relations  A large number of employees are needed for the functioning of an industrial organization. For the organization to perform well, management and the employees need to have pleasant relations. The control and the managing of human relation between the employees and the management are known as industrial relations. Industrial relations form …

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Green Steelmaking

Green Steelmaking The average annual temperature of the earth is rising since the industrial revolution. This is mainly due to the burning of the fossil fuels which increase the emissions of carbon di-oxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Prior to the industrial revolution, 280 ppm (0.028 %) of the atmospheric air consisted of CO2, and this …

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