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Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change

Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change Gases which trap heat in the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases. Several chemical compounds in the atmosphere act as greenhouse gases. These gases allow sunlight (shortwave radiation) to freely pass through the atmosphere and heat the land and oceans. Greenhouse gases occur naturally and allow the life to survive on …

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Green Steelmaking

Green Steelmaking The average annual temperature of the earth is rising since the industrial revolution. This is mainly due to the burning of the fossil fuels which increase the emissions of carbon di-oxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Prior to the industrial revolution, 280 ppm (0.028 %) of the atmospheric air consisted of CO2, and this …

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Life cycle assessment and steel sustainability

Life cycle assessment and steel sustainability The steel industry is the second largest industry in the world after oil and gas industry. Steel is used in almost every sector which ranges from building and construction, packaging, transportation industry, and power and renewable energy sector. Use of steel is found everywhere in the present day society. …

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