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Marketing Intelligence and Related Concepts

Marketing Intelligence and Related Concepts¬† Information is an important resource in an organization since it helps the organization in achieving competitive advantage. Information is needed to be considered and managed properly in the organization to keep pace with the contemporary developments in different areas of the organizational functioning. In the present-day scenario, organizations face challenges …

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Factors influencing Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Factors influencing Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty Customers of the organization are those who buy the products and / or services provided by the organization. In other words, customers are stakeholders of the organization who afford payment in exchange for the offer provided to them by the organization with the aim of fulfilling a need …

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Employee Organizational Commitment

Employee Organizational Commitment In the present day environment, the workplace is changing dramatically and its demands for the highest quality of product and service are increasing. To remain competitive in the face of these pressures, employee organizational commitment is crucial. The benefits of having the best trained employees using the most advanced technology can be …

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