Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture Workplace culture is the tacit, (unspoken) social order of an organization, the shared patterns which determine what is viewed as appropriate behaviour of the employees and the group and help the employees make meaning of their collective environment. Its implicit and explicit systems define how an organization works in practice, regardless of what …

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Management of Relationship at Workplace

Management of Relationship at Workplace Healthy and positive relationships have been identified as one of the pillars of wellbeing. A healthy relationship can be the most important source of life satisfaction and wellbeing. The quality of relationship at the workplace matters not only for the employees’ ability to flourish personally, but is also likely to …

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Employees Trust and Work place Performance

Employees Trust and Work place Performance Trust, besides being an important and basic component of the effectiveness of social processes, is also central in context of the functioning of an organization. Trust is always gradually formed in the process of social exchange between two parties in an organizational context. In the organization, it is an …

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