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Hot Work Die Steel

Hot Work Die Steel Hot work die steels find their use in hot forming processes. Hot forming processes are among the oldest and most important metal forming processes and accounts for a large percentage of metal products. Hot metal forming consists of a forming process either by plastic deformation or solidification where the metal is …

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High Speed Steels

High Speed Steels High speed steels forms a special class of highly alloyed tool steels, combining properties such as high hot hardness and high wear resistance. These are so named mainly because of their ability to machine materials at high cutting speeds. These steels have been widely adopted as the most basic material for cutting …

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Bearing Steels

Bearing Steels The Oxford English Dictionary defines a bearing ‘as a part of a machine that allows one part to rotate or move in contact with another part with as little friction as possible’. Additional functions include the transmission of loads and enabling the accurate location of the components. A bearing is required to sustain …

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