Day: August 21, 2021

Hot Work Die Steel

Hot Work Die Steel Hot work die steels find their use in hot forming processes. Hot forming processes are among the oldest and most important metal forming processes and accounts for a large percentage of metal products. Hot metal forming consists of a forming process either by plastic deformation or solidification where the metal is …

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The Analytic Hierarchy Process

The Analytic Hierarchy Process All the people are decision makers fundamentally. Everything they do consciously or unconsciously is the result of some decision. The information they gather is for helping them to understand the occurrences, in order to develop good judgements to make decisions about those occurrences. Not all the information is useful for improving …

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Automation and Control System of Sinter Plant

  Automation and Control System of Sinter Plant Sintering process (Fig 1) is a metallurgical process carried out on a sintering machine. It is a thermal agglomeration process. The sintering process is an energy intensive process, in which a number of parameters have to be taken into account. The process is complex and involves various …

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