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Soft Water and Water Softening Processes

Soft Water and Water Softening Processes Water is the most wonderful, abundant, and useful compound in nature. It is used in industry for conducting of several processes. In industrial uses, hard water causes the problem of deposition of insoluble salts which interferes with the process. Hard water creates several problems such as (i) scale and …

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High Speed Steels

High Speed Steels High speed steels forms a special class of highly alloyed tool steels, combining properties such as high hot hardness and high wear resistance. These are so named mainly because of their ability to machine materials at high cutting speeds. These steels have been widely adopted as the most basic material for cutting …

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Steel for Armour

Steel for Armour Various materials especially metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites have been used in light vehicle defence technology. With each material appearing significant in respective applications, metals are mostly used for ballistic protection due to its mechanical properties. The most common metallic material being used in the armoured vehicles is steel. Steels which are …

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