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High Speed Steels

High Speed Steels High speed steels forms a special class of highly alloyed tool steels, combining properties such as high hot hardness and high wear resistance. These are so named mainly because of their ability to machine materials at high cutting speeds. These steels have been widely adopted as the most basic material for cutting …

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Heat Treatment Processes for Steel

Heat Treatment Processes for Steel Steels can be heat treated to produce a large range of microstructures and properties. Generally, heat treatment uses phase transformation during heating and cooling to change the microstructure in a solid state. In heat treatment, the processing is normally thermal and which modifies only the structure of the steel. In …

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Production and Processing of Armour Steel

Production and Processing of Armour Steel In the present day environment, there are accelerated efforts to deliver lightweight armour technologies which can defeat armour-piercing (AP) projectiles at reduced areal weights. While many of these efforts involve the application of lower density metals such as aluminum and titanium, the selection of steel alloys continues to be …

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