Month: November 2022

Industrial Fans and Blowers

Industrial Fans and Blowers Fans are normally identified as machines with relatively low pressure rises which move air, gases, or vapours by means of rotating blades or impellers and change the rotating mechanical energy into pressure or work on the gas or vapour. The result of this work on the fluid is in the form …

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Organizational Policies and Procedures

Organizational Policies and Procedures Organizations are described as a form of association, wherein men, material, and other resources are engaged for the purpose of accomplishing a desired objective. The term organization is derived from the word ‘organicism’, which means an organized body of interdependent parts sharing common activity. Organization has been defined in different ways …

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Inspection and Testing

Inspection and Testing Inspection is an organized examination or formal evaluation exercise. In production, it involves the measurements, tests, measuring gauges and test equipments applied to certain characteristics in regard to a material or a product. The results are normally compared to the specified requirements and standards for determining whether the material or the product …

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