Nozzle Clogging

Nozzle Clogging The disorder of casting process because of nozzle clogging is a long-standing issue ever since the continuous casting process has been introduced. Nozzle clogging is the build-up of solid or semi-solid material on a refractory surface which can become problematic during steel pouring, as it can affect the stream dynamics, reduce the pouring …

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Continuous Casting Mould

Continuous Casting Mould In the continuous casting process, liquid steel flows from a ladle, through a tundish into the mould. The mould is regarded as the heart of the continuous casting process and plays a very important role in the efficiency of the process and the strand quality.  It is in the mould that the …

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Continuous Casting Machines and their Types

Continuous Casting Machines and their Types Continuous casting (CC) is a process of producing an infinite solid strand from liquid steel by continuously solidifying it as it moves through a CC machine. It is the predominant process route in a modern steel plant which links steelmaking with hot rolling of steel. In the CC machine, …

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