Day: August 27, 2020

Ultra-high Strength Steels

Ultra-high Strength Steels Structural steels with very high strength levels are normally called ultra-high strength steels (UHSS). The designation ultra-high strength is arbitrary since no universally accepted strength level for the term has been established. Also, as structural steels with greater and greater strength have been developed, the strength range for which the term is …

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Audit of Production Processes

Audit of Production Processes Production process is defined as a process of making and fabricating by converting the raw material (input) to finished good (output). An audit is the examination, verification, evaluation, assessment, and check activities. Hence, the production process audit can be defined as an activity to evaluate the process of making and fabricating …

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Continuous Casting Mould

Continuous Casting Mould In the continuous casting process, liquid steel flows from a ladle, through a tundish into the mould. The mould is regarded as the heart of the continuous casting process and plays a very important role in the efficiency of the process and the strand quality.  It is in the mould that the …

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