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Nozzle Clogging

Nozzle Clogging The disorder of casting process because of nozzle clogging is a long-standing issue ever since the continuous casting process has been introduced. Nozzle clogging is the build-up of solid or semi-solid material on a refractory surface which can become problematic during steel pouring, as it can affect the stream dynamics, reduce the pouring …

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Tundish Powder

Tundish Powder During continuous casting of steel, liquid steel is poured from ladle to tundish where its flow is divided to each strand of the continuous casting machine. The role of the tundish is not only to act as the dispenser of the liquid steel, but also it is the last major reactor where refining …

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Continuous Casting Machines and their Types

Continuous Casting Machines and their Types Continuous casting (CC) is a process of producing an infinite solid strand from liquid steel by continuously solidifying it as it moves through a CC machine. It is the predominant process route in a modern steel plant which links steelmaking with hot rolling of steel. In the CC machine, …

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