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Monel Alloys

Monel Alloys Monel are a group of alloys of nickel (from 52 % to 67 %) and copper, with small quantities of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon. Monel alloys are also known as Monel metal. Monel alloys are not cupro-nickel alloys since they have less than 60 % copper. Monel was created in 1905 by Robert Crooks Stanley, who at that time worked at …

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Cladding of steels

Cladding of steels There are several industries, such as, chemical and fertilizer industries, nuclear and steam power plants, food processing, and petrochemical industries etc., where corrosive environments are inevitable. Several process equipment / engineering components are exposed to the corrosive environment in these industries which reduces their service life. In such applications, materials (like duplex …

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Coated Steel Sheet

Coated Steel Sheet Steel sheet is frequently coated in coil form before fabrication either at the steel plants or by the specialists coating units. This coated sheet is ready for fabrication and use without further surface coating. Coated products yield lower production costs, improved product quality, shorter processing cycles, elimination of production hazards, conservation of …

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Steel Castings

Steel Castings Steel castings are produced by pouring liquid steel of the desired composition into a mould of the desired configuration and allowing the steel to solidify. The mould material can be silica, zircon, or chromite sand, olivine sand, graphite, metal, or ceramic. The choice of mould material depends on the size, intricacy, dimensional accuracy …

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