Day: August 17, 2020

Coated Steel Sheet

Coated Steel Sheet Steel sheet is frequently coated in coil form before fabrication either at the steel plants or by the specialists coating units. This coated sheet is ready for fabrication and use without further surface coating. Coated products yield lower production costs, improved product quality, shorter processing cycles, elimination of production hazards, conservation of …

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Organizational Environment and its Impact on the Performance

Organizational Environment and its Impact on the Performance¬† Organization is not like an isolated island. It does not exist in a void but it is rather in a state of constant interaction with various factors present in its environment. These factors can be internal to the organization or can be externally related. Organizational environment is …

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Annealing of Steels

Annealing of Steels When a metal is cold worked (deformed at room temperature), the microstructure becomes severely distorted because of an increased dislocation density resulting from the deformation. Cold working is also referred to as work hardening or strain hardening. As a metal is cold worked, the strength and hardness increase while ductility decreases. Eventually, …

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