Day: July 27, 2020

Steel Castings

Steel Castings Steel castings are produced by pouring liquid steel of the desired composition into a mould of the desired configuration and allowing the steel to solidify. The mould material can be silica, zircon, or chromite sand, olivine sand, graphite, metal, or ceramic. The choice of mould material depends on the size, intricacy, dimensional accuracy …

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Importance of Safety Culture in the Organization

Importance of Safety Culture in the Organization The safety culture is a set of practices (ways of doing) and a mindset (ways of thinking) which is widely shared by the members of the organization when it comes to controlling the most significant risks associated with its activities. It is not something which is specific to …

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Corrosion in Carbon Steels

Corrosion in Carbon Steels As per ISO 8044:2010, ‘corrosion is the physico-chemical interaction between a metal and its environment, which results in changes in the metal’s properties and which may lead to significant functional impairment of the metal, the environment, or the technical system of which they form a part’. Corrosion is seen when there …

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