Day: January 24, 2021

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels A pressure vessel is defined as a container. Tanks, vessels, and pipelines which carry, store, or receive fluids are called pressure vessel. They are closed vessels which are capable of storing a pressurized fluid, and have a pressure differential between inside and outside, regardless of their shape and dimensions. Normally the pressure inside …

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Role of Control in the Functioning of Organization

Role of Control in the Functioning of Organization In the olden days, the most important control in the organization used to be the accounting related control. In the present day environment, control is a broader concept than the cost accounting. The present day organization interacts and communicates with a wide range of different stakeholders. For …

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Historical Development of Rolling Mills

Historical Development of Rolling Mills In metalworking, rolling is a metal forming process in which metal is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness, to make the thickness uniform, to give it a desired shape, and / or to impart a desired mechanical property. In rolling, work material is deformed by compressive forces between constantly spinning rolls.  In other …

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