Day: February 6, 2020

Vanadium in Steels

Vanadium in Steels Vanadium (V) is the 17th most commonly occurring element in the earths’ crust and finds wide use as an alloying element in steels. The atomic number of vanadium is 23 and its atomic weight is 50.94. It has a density of 6.11 gm/cc. Its melting point is 1910 deg C and boiling …

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Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management System In the present day environment, an organization needs systematic work on the quality of knowledge and the productivity of knowledge. The performance capacity of the organization, if not its survival has increasingly become dependent on these two factors in the knowledge society of today. Knowledge can be defined as (i) awareness or …

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Production processes for Welded Pipes

Production processes for Welded Pipes Steel pipes are long, hollow tubes which are used mainly to convey fluid or fluidized products from one location to another. They are produced mainly by two distinct production processes which result in either a welded pipe or a seamless pipe. Welded steel pipes are produced with either a longitudinal seam or a …

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