Day: June 22, 2019

Rolling Mill Cooling Bed

Rolling Mill Cooling Bed A rolling mill cooling bed is used for the uniform air cooling of the rolled materials (bars or profiles usually referred as ‘bars’) and transport it in a phased manner from the entry side of the cooling bed to its discharge side. It transfers the bars one by one to the …

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Safety at Workplace and its Management

Safety at Workplace and its Management Safety generally means protection of a worker from physical hazards. When an accident happens, production slows down and the worker can get injured and the injury can make the worker incapable to work, at least for a while. Hence a safe workplace environment is an essential condition for the …

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Tinplate and Process of Tinning

Tinplate and Process of Tinning Tinning or tinplating is the process of thinly coating sheet or strip of steel with tin (Sn), and the resulting product is known as tinplate. Tinplate is light gauge, cold-reduced low-carbon steel sheet or strip, coated on both faces with commercially pure tin. It combines the strength and formability of …

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