Day: September 25, 2021

Belt Conveyor Idlers

Belt Conveyor Idlers Belt conveyor idlers are the rollers which are used at certain spacing for supporting the active as well as return side of the conveyor belt. Accurately made, rigidly installed and well maintained idlers are very important for smooth and efficient running of a belt conveyor. Important requirements for idlers are proper support …

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Organizational Decision Making

Organizational Decision Making Decision making is a fundamental function of the management. It is the basic activity of the management. It reflects the success and failure of the management and the organization which mainly hinges upon the quality of decisions. The decision making role of the management is the ‘heart’ of the executive activities in …

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Blast Furnace Process Automation, Measurement, and Control System

Blast Furnace Process Automation, Measurement, and Control System The efficient operation of the modern blast furnace needs a high degree of automation in conjunction with a measuring system and a monitoring and control system. The blast furnace process control system in combination with the blast furnace optimization system creates a high level in intelligent blast …

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