Month: October 2023

Equipment Foundation Design

Equipment Foundation Design Heavy equipments with reciprocating, impacting, or rotating masses needs a support system which can resist dynamic forces and the resulting vibrations. When excessive, such vibrations can be detrimental to the equipments, its support system, and any operating personnel subjected to them. The super-structure of vibrating and rotating equipments is known as equipment …

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Organizational Stakeholders

Organizational Stakeholders Stakeholders are those persons who are affected by or have an effect on the organization. Stakeholders can also include people who have a strong interest in the organization for academic, philosophical, or political reasons, even though they and their families, friends, and associates are not directly affected by the organization. One way to …

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Shearing of Sheet, Strip, and Plate

Shearing of Sheet, Strip, and Plate Shearing is a method for cutting a metal piece into smaller pieces using a shear blade to force the metal past an opposite shear blade in a progression form. Shearing is widely used to divide large, flat metal such as sheet, strip, and plate. Shearing is a fast and …

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