Month: December 2021

Magnetic Lifting Devices

Magnetic Lifting Devices Magnetic lifting devices are used for lifting and transporting of steel and ferrous metal stock or manufactured components. They are normally installed and used as single magnets or as arrangements of multiple magnets. In all of these cases, they are suspended from chains or wires or otherwise attached to the lifting equipment …

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Process Safety and its Management

Process Safety and its Management Process safety is a disciplined framework for managing the integrity of operating systems and processes which operates under hazardous conditions and handle hazardous materials. It relies on good design principles, engineering, and operating and maintenance practices. It deals with the prevention and control of undesirable events which have the potential …

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Inclusions, Inclusion Engineering and Clean Steels

Inclusions, Inclusion Engineering and Clean Steels Inclusions are non-metallic compounds and precipitates which form in steel during its production and processing and hence are the by-products of steelmaking which arise from different chemistries and processes. Inclusions can vary widely in size and composition, giving rise to a corresponding wide range of effects and mandating sophisticated …

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