Day: December 23, 2020

Spark Testing of Steels

Spark Testing of Steels The spark testing of steel is a useful method for identifying the type of steel. It has capabilities of determining the relative carbon content of the steels. Spark test is a simple identification test which is used to observe the colour, spacing, quantity, and quality of sparks produced by grinding of steel …

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Marketing Concepts and Comparison with Selling Concepts

Marketing Concepts and Comparison with Selling Concepts Marketing constitutes one of the important functions of an organization. Along with production, finance and accounting, human resource management, research and development, purchase and stores, and numerous other functions, marketing contributes to the ability of the organization to succeed. The marketing concepts hold that the key for the …

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Hydrogen Steelmaking

Hydrogen Steelmaking Iron and steel production industry is the single largest sector in terms of total global fossil and industrial emissions, making up around 7 % to 9 % of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. At the same time, steel is the primary material component for modern industrial societies. Further increase in the consumption of steel …

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