Day: November 10, 2020

Types of Conveyors and Conveyor Systems

Types of Conveyors and Conveyor Systems Conveyors and conveyor systems¬†are mechanical devices or assemblies which transport materials with minimal effort. They are used for moving materials between two fixed work-stations. They are mainly used for moving bulk or unit load continuously or intermittently, uni-directionally from one point to another over fixed path. Their primary function …

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Role of Innovation in the Organization

Role of Innovation in the Organization Innovation is a significant factor for the organization to achieve the competitive advantage. The organization which brings innovation in its processes is able to stay alive in the long run. Elements of innovation such as resources and skills, motivation and empowerment of employees, and proper training help to bring …

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Non destructive Testing Techniques

Non destructive Testing Techniques There can be inherent microscopic flaws in materials due to crystal lattice imperfections. Also, manufacturing processes such as welding, casting, forging, and surface treatment, etc. can cause further flaws or defects. Further, materials are used under various conditions of stress, fatigue, and corrosion, which can create additional defects or aggravate present …

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