Day: May 6, 2020

Measurement Standards

Measurement Standards The world around us, first of all, is the world of physical quantities existing in reality in the widest range of their values. This is why, the range of characteristics describing both natural phenomena and the behaviour of devices and instruments produced in this world, is very wide. Physical quantities are characteristics of …

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Problems and Problem Solving Techniques

Problems and Problem Solving Techniques A problem consists of the difference between an actual situation and a desired situation. The problem is defined as any event or situation, unforeseen, unwanted in an organization, a project, or a job which needs to be addressed and resolved before it becomes too complex. During the functioning of the …

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Refractory Lining of the Electric Arc Furnace

Refractory Lining of the Electric Arc Furnace Refractories are those materials which withstand high temperature without a significant change in chemical or physical properties. Refractory materials are very important to the electric arc furnace (EAF) operation as they allow the containment of the liquid steel in the furnace hearth without damaging the furnace structure. The …

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