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Data Analysis Techniques

Data Analysis Techniques Every organization collects a large volume of data during its day-to-day operation. This data is of little use till it is organized, and analyzed to extract useful information from it. Data analysis technique constitutes the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about the information contained in the …

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Data and Presentation of Data

Data and Presentation of Data Data refer to the set of observations, values, elements, or objects under consideration. They also refer to the known facts or things used as basis for inference or reckoning facts, information, material to be processed or stored.iu Data are a set of facts, and provide a partial picture of reality. …

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Terms used in Statistical Analysis

Terms used in Statistical Analysis Statistics is the scientific discipline which provides methods to help the people to make sense of the data. It is the science of learning from data. It is a set of methods used to analyze data. One of the goals with statistics is to extract information from data to get …

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