Types of Drawings used in a Project

Types of Drawings used in a Project  The use of drawings as a means of communication is as old as the existence of mankind. It is a well-known fact that drawing is a universal language allowing communication between people regardless of language barriers. This exchange of ideas and shape description is normally referred to as …

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Piping Design and Pipeline Engineering

Piping Design and Pipeline Engineering The art of design and construction of piping systems and pipelines dates back to the earliest civilizations. Its progress reflects the steady evolution of cultures around the world e.g., the needs of developing agricultures, the growth of cities, the industrial revolution and the use of steam power, the discovery and …

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Process Diagrams

Process Diagrams Process diagrams are the most effective way of communicating information about a process. A process diagram consists of activities, events, and gateways, which a sequence flow puts in a flow sequence. Activities, events, and gateways are summarized under the term flow object.  A process diagram is the key to the development and management …

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