Month: November 2023

Piles and Pile Foundation

Piles and Pile Foundation Foundations provide support to the structure and transfer the loads from the structure to the soil. But the layer at which the foundation transfers the load is required to have an adequate bearing capacity and suitable settlement characteristics. There are several types of foundations depending on different considerations such as total …

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Influence of External Environment on Organization

Influence of External Environment on Organization Organization is regarded as a human activity which is concerned with the production and distribution of goods and service. It is a social facility by which societies organize economic efforts. Most specifically, an organization is the sum total of the organized efforts by which the people engaged in commerce …

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Welding Metallurgy

Welding Metallurgy Joining of two metal elements by means of welding consists in the formation of a weld between these two elements. The weld is composed of molten, mixed and, eventually, solidified metal of the edges of welded elements as well as of filler metal (consumable). In principle, melting of metal during welding as well …

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