Day: March 7, 2020

Straightening Machines in Flat Rolling Mills

Straightening Machines in Flat Rolling Mills Metal straightening or levelling process is used for straightening different type of steel materials like rounds, sections, pipes and flat products after their rolling. The rolled steel material gets deformed during cooling after rolling due to the residual stresses and often has the surface defects in cold condition such …

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Energy Audit in Steel Plant

Energy Audit in Steel Plant Iron and steel plants have a large number of processes which involves different cycles such as heating, cooling, melting, and solidification. These processes are highly energy intensive. There are also several forms of energies which are being used in these plants. Further, these plants not only have high specific consumption …

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Electroslag Remelting Process

Electroslag Remelting Process Electroslag remelting (ESR) is the abbreviated name given to electroslag consumable electrode remelting and secondary refining process. It is a secondary steelmaking process which is used for remelting and refining of steels and special alloys normally used for critical applications in aircraft, thermal and nuclear power plants, and defence hardware, etc. The …

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