Day: August 8, 2019

Roll chocks in Rolling Mill

Roll chocks in Rolling Mill Rolling mills for rolling of steel differ in many aspects with each other. The rolling mills are of different sizes and capacities. The mills roll steel materials of different cross-sections, sizes and qualities and in material conditions which are either hot or cold. The mills have different configurations and speeds …

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Employee Productivity and its Influencing Factors

Employee Productivity and its Influencing Factors  Organizational performance is a sign of the capacity of the organization for pursuing efficiently its goal and objectives. In this regards, one of the elements which is assessable is the employees’ performance through the level of their productivity. In fact, employee productivity is one of the determining factors for …

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Enamel Coating on Steel

Enamel Coating on Steel The art and science of fusing glasses (now known as porcelain enamels or simply enamels) to the surfaces of metals dates back to the civilizations of ancient Egyptians and Persians. The earliest use was for jewelry where the enamel was fused to gold. By the middle-ages, the range of metals capable …

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