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  • Website http://ispatguru.com/ has climbed to 25th position amongst 84 steel related websites of India and abroad. Detailed report is below.

Website http://ispatguru.com/ has climbed to 25th position amongst 84 steel related websites of India and abroad. Detailed report is below.

Website http://www.ispatguru.com/    has climbed to 25th position amongst 84 steel related websites of India and abroad. Detailed report is below. 

Website report card no. 6

Date 17th December 2015

Welcome to the report card no.6 of the website http://www.ispatguru.com/. The first report card was issued on 4th May 2014, while the second, third, fourth and fifth report cards were issued on 5th July 2014, 9th October 2014, 18th Feb 2015, and 7th May 2015 respectively.

The website was started in February 2013 to share with the steel professionals my knowledge and experience gained at Bhilai Steel Plant, Rourkela Steel plant, Bokaro Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited, and Cherepovets Steel Plant as well as through interactions with Gipromej (of then USSR), MN Dastur company private limited, and Mecon limited.  In its existence of two years and three months, the website has shown a steady  growth, and has become quite popular around the world as seen from the following statistics.

Website data analyzed in this report card are from Google Analytics and alexa.com.


As per alexa.com the global ranking of the website ispatguru.com is 1,169,394 on 17th December 2015. This ranking has been compared with the rankings of 84 nos. of steel related websites which are famous in India and in the world. This comparison gives ispatguru.com a 25th position amongst the 84 websites. Considering the short existence of the ispatguru.com, the climb up of the web site in the ranking is quite satisfactory. The comparison is shown in attached Tab 1.

Comments on the website

A large number of comments are being received from the people visiting the website. Some are article based while others are of general nature. These comments are from a large cross section of people both from India and outside India. A copy of the comments of general nature is at the end.


502 numbers of articles have been uploaded on the website till date. The list of the 502 articles with links is at http://www.ispatguru.com/links/ . The growth in the numbers of articles available on the website is at Fig. 1.

Visitors to the website

As on date there are 22394 numbers of monthly visitors to the website. These visitors visit 34047 numbers of the website pages in a month. The visitors to the web site are from 2174 cities in 157 countries. The growth is shown in Fig 2, Fig 3, Fig 4, and Fig 5. Countries of the visitors and cities of the visitors shown on global map are at Fig 7 and Fig 8. It can be seen from the maps that except a few countries in Africa, people from rest of the world are visiting the website.

Top 15 countries in terms of highest number of monthly visitors are India (8411 nos., 37.56 %), USA (2521 nos., 11.26 %), UK (1117 nos., 4.99 %), Canada (667 nos., 2.98 %), Malaysia (631 nos., 2.82 %),  Pakistan (544 nos., 2.43 %), Philippines (421 nos., 1.88), Iran (420 nos., 1.88 %),  Turkey (364 nos., 1.63 %), Kenya  (362 nos., 1.62 %), Australia (340 nos., 1.52 %), Germany (328 nos.,1.46 %), Russia (322 nos., 1.44 %), Indonesia (261nos., 1.17 %),  Netherlands (241 nos., 1.08 %), and  balance 142 countries (5444 nos. 24.31 %).

Top 15 Indian cities in terms of highest number of monthly visitors are New Delhi (916 nos.), Kolkata (714 nos.), Mumbai (687 nos.), Bengaluru (615 nos.), Jamshedpur (469 nos.), Pune (366 nos.), Chennai (341 nos.), Hyderabad (322 nos.), Bhubaneswar (164 nos.), Bhilai (141 nos.), Ahmedabad (120 nos.), Angul (118 nos.), Bokaro Steel City (114 nos.), Ranchi (113 nos.), and Rourkela (112 nos.),

Top 15 cities outside India are London UK (260 nos.), Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (209 nos.), Karachi Pakistan (198 nos.), Istanbul Turkey (145 nos. each), Lahore Pakistan (131 nos.), Tehran Iran (116 nos.), Singapore (115 nos.), Colombo Sri Lanka (110 nos.), Toronto Canada (108 nos.), Perth Australia (93 nos.), Lagos Nigeria (87 nos. each ), Quezon City Philippines (86 nos.),  Bangkok Thailand (85 nos.),East Lansing USA (80 nos.), Velsen Netherlands, Moscow Russia, and New York USA and (79 nos. each).

New additions

New additions to website are being intimated through LinkedIn, LinkedIn groups, Face book and Face book page of the website. 461 persons have already liked the face book page of the web site in order to get immediate information regarding uploading of new articles. The progress of the likes of the face book page of website is as given in Fig 6.

I am grateful to all for giving me encouragement and motivation for continuing with my efforts of knowledge sharing. 

Fig 1-6

Fig 7-8



Tab 1 Global ranking of steel related websites as per http://www.alexa.com as on 17.12. 2015
No. Website Rank No. Website Rank
1 steelguru.com 87,973 43 hscl.co.in 2,154,517
2 vizagsteel.com 148,911 44 steeltimesint.com 2,417,840
3 sail.co.in 156,855 45 steelnet.org 2,505,727
4 nmdc.co.in 185,536 46 saisi.co.za 2,587,774
5 worldsteel.org 189,845 47 uttamgalva.com 2,632,166
6 tatasteel.com 193,291 48 steel-360.com 2,633,446
7 mesteel.com 215,311 49 metallics.org.uk 2,649,973
8 nmlindia.org 282,862 50 stahleisen.de 2,650,187
9 metalbulletin.com 280,143 51 assda.asn.au 2,883,738
10 jsw.in 292,447 52 mukand.com 3,275,371
11 steelmint.com 328,491 53 cisri.com 3,421,345
12 bssa.org.uk 370,800 54 fsnl.nic.in 3,902,080
13 jindalsteelpower.com 380,620 55 dipra.org 4,032,174
14 crugroup.com 451,214 56 srma.co.in 4,075,729
15 steel.org (AISI) 485,036 57 vsa.com.vn 4,286,659
16 jisf.or.jp 605,506 58 canadiansteel.ca 4,424,901
17 meps.co.uk 619,697 59 iim-india.net 5,719,635
18 aist.org 632,296 60 nisst.org 6,078,290
19 steeluniversity.org 861,908 61 dcud.org.tr 6,120,577
20 kosa.or.kr 872,284 62 swmai.org 6,412,100
21 stahl-online.de 877,085 63 spongeironindia.in 6,455,031
22 steel.gov.in (MOS) 944,473 64 steelscenario.com 6,587,515
23 worldsteeldynamics.com 1,094,207 65 ifapaindia.org 6,633,973
24 mysteel.net 1,107,998 66 gipromez-mg.ru 7,232,364
25 ispatguru.com 1,169,394 67 steelmelters.com 7,340,862
26 ssina.com 1,174,165 68 seaisi.org 7,418,796
27 worldstainless.org 1,304,301 69 acier.org 7,882,023
28 alacero.org 1,328,454 70 fedmin.com 8,902,774
29 isij.or.jp 1,449,000 71 ninl.in 9,145,034
30 kioclltd.in 1,532,546 72 aiifa.org 9,326,063
31 bhushan-group.org 1,564,963 73 steelaus.com.au 10,359,833
32 eurofer.org 1,672,123 74 irmaindia.org 10,907,401
33 steel.org.au 1,710,615 75 isrinfomedia.com 14,187,979
34 crmgroup.be 1,725,627 76 korus.co.in 22,231,270
35 misif.org.my 1,738,272 77 erusteel.nic.in no ranking
36 steel-insdag.org 1,766,674 78 giprokoks.com no ranking
37 sassda.co.za 1,794,918 79 ilafa.org no ranking
38 meconlimited.co.in 1,806,562 80 jindaltainless.com no ranking
39 dastur.com 1,887,832 81 jpcindiansteel.nic.in no ranking
40 arabsteel.info 1,953,230 82 nifft.ernet.in no ranking
41 bpsl.net 1,955,676 83 stainless-india.com no ranking
42 steelworld.com 1,997,655 84 steelfurnaceindia.com no ranking

Comments on Web site http://www.ispatguru.com/

A. Bandyopadhya

“I am regular follower of your web site and try to study the matters of interest to me.

I appreciate the work you are doing for the benefit of the technical fraternity.”

A K Ghose

“Congratulations for such a lovely collection of articles on wide range of aspects of metallurgy. Thanks for sending these to me as these are very useful to me.  I am sure you continue to send newer articles as & when you collect them.”

 Addanki Murali Mohan

“As the name of the website indicates it is apt for your intellectual candidature.

You are a real guru for ISPAT fraternity!

Aloke Dutta

“very Informative for Steel People.”

Amitabh Deva

“Mr Sarna is so very prolific, sharing so many posts, each one a comprehensive document Great work!”

Anand Kumar

“It is great to see your articles which carries so much content and knowledge about steel industry. The clarity of the topic, \’which is a great concern for a new reader like me\’ is awesome.

But the most important thing is your effort and energy that you are contributing at this age is incomparable. I really admire you for this and would like to learn from you more. I will try to learn more and more from you and your website.”

“Its great to see your articles and energy in this age. A source of inspiration for many of the fellows who spent their whole life in an organization and just complaining about the system and management.”

Andrew Pelt

“I have read several good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to make such a excellent informative site.”

Ankit Kumar

“This website is really BIBLE for those r belongs for steel industry.

yours effort is really potential for us And congratulations”

“Yours articles are really appreciate, I thought  really Guru behind me.I am always share yours update to my frnd those are well connected to steel Industry. I will ready to share yours update always.I am regular reading yours articles.”

Anshuman Nayak

“It has been a pleasure to be associated. The articles were more of knowledge enhancement, self learning…..”

AN Singh

“Congrats for nice effort to educate people on various types of steels through a series of article”

AP Choudhary

“Great. Congrats. Keep it up.

Wish you all the best”

A P Gupta

“Well documented and informative”

Arghya Majumdar

“I am a regular viewer of your website. Lot of information is available, which is very useful.”

Arun Kumar Dutta

“Thanks a lot for sharing the link. Articles are very informative and useful.”

A S Dash

“Congratulations on your efforts. Due to personal problem I was away from the site. i will catch up. Hope this will become a temple of learning for the ispat community.” 

Ashwani Saxena

“At the outset let me commend you for your efforts in putting together information on steel industry. I have had number of occasions to meet you at Vizag and at NINL as a MECONIAN.

Once again my congratulations and compliments on the efforts made by you.”

Bansi Nandi

“Sir very good & I learn many unknown matter.”

Bijoyen Das

“So nice of you and thanks a lot. Your articles are not only useful for me but also to my students of B schools, I teach them as Hon. Visiting faculty.”

B.P. Sinha


Chittaranjan Kar

“Thank you very much sir. This web site is really helping working professionals operating in steel environment which covers posts  from technology to management. You have been kind enough to make us learn so many things  during your NINL tenure.”


“Congrats to you sir for starting an excellent site.”


Collin Vost

“I found your site by accident and it is wonderfully educational .thank you”




“Great web site. Plenty of useful info here. I’m sending it to a few friends and also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thank you in your sweat!”

Denis Oakley

“Thanks for the interesting post in the plate mills group on LinkedIn and all the article on your website.”

Devendra Pratap Singh

“Thank you sir, it is all because of your efforts and initiative. I am sure in the coming days it will go a long way to benefit the steel producers.”

Dipak Bhattacharya

Many thanks to Satyenbabu for writing such wonderful article. I shall request him to continue enriching us with such knowledge.”


“Good effort, I will forward the like to known circle. Thanks.”

Dr . Seetharamu S

“Wonderful!   Let us stay in touch”

Elangovan Manickavasagam

“thanks for the information shared. My sincere appreciation for your efforts to impart basic knowledge to the new comers to the steel field. your presentation is in simple terms and will highly useful for the new entrants to this field. keep your good work.”

G.S. Bhowmick

“Sir , you have done a great thing .Sharing of Knowledge to technocrats ,which is seldom done by people. I curiously read the article and forward to some who may use for the benefit of steel making. I like the articles very much.”

Gowtam Muktevi

“Thank u very much Sir…very much useful to me.”

Gunjan Aggarwal

” I must confess, your website (ispatguru.com) is a valuable information source as well. Keep up the good work.”

“It is indeed a great website!”

Gandepalli Venkata Satyanarayana

“You are my Guru , I learned so many things from you.”

Hemraj Tamang

“I liked your article in the website and it is very much informative.”

Hironmoy Bhattacharya

“Not only the Rolling Mill operators but all the Steel Plant staff shall be benefited by these Posts being published time to time”.

K Raghu

“I salute you for your achievement, more so your desire to impart knowledge to as many as possible. Keep going to achieve more and more such milestones thereby benefiting the Nation.”

“It is a ready reckoner/Hand book coming from an authority, with impeccable record, and is useful for any Project.”

K Sridhar

“Though I studied HRM in my MBA, it refreshed me better.”

KK Sahoo


Kontham Sudhakar

I have browsed the ispatguru.com website and the articles are very much interesting


Good information provided in a really educative style.”


“Very concise and highly informative. Looking forward to many more such articles.”

Mahua Maitra

“As advised by you I’ve been through the your website. It is, in fact, a rich store of profound articles, focused and informative. I have taken interest in some, e.g. the one on ‘Sponge Iron’ and wish to publish this in one of our issues of the JPC Bulletin, of course with your permission.”

Manas Panda

“Articles posted by you on steel, engineering and maintenance motivate and teaches me a lot. I always go through you postings. “

Mani Padmanabhan

“Sincerely appreciate your efforts and look forward growing in strength. Thanks”

Manish Bannore

“This is Manish Bannore from SMS Group /Gurgaon.

I regularly read ISAPAT Guru. Technical papers are really value adding for me & genuinely appreciate you.”

Mårten Görnerup

“I have visited your site several times. Excellent knowledge database.

I have also recommended it to other users, especially university users.”

Mayank Saraswat

“Site is too good, Each and everything is clearly explained.”


“very very good”

Milind Thosar

“Good technical literature for India industry. Keep it up. It helps everybody student, engineers and managers.”

MP Sukumaran Nair

” I find the contents very much useful for the upcoming generation of Engineers to understand and update their learning of Steel making. I compliment you for this great effort.”

MS Ansari

“Good that you are sharing your vast experience in Iron and Steel making to all those who need it.”

“Very informative article Thank you, Sarna Sahib for rendering such wonderful service and help to practicing Iron and Steel Makers… Wishing you the very Best…”


“Sir, ispat guru is a great contribution to people connected to iron and steel industry. Thank you, i admire the hard work you have put in to provide this useful web site”

MVR Sarma

“A highly laudable Mission Sir! And the articles would be of immense help to many associated with the field of Metallurgical Engineering and Technology. ”

Nanjappa Subramanian

“Indeed it is really a valuable information.”

Niranjan Prasad

“Articles provided are very informative and exemplary service to metallurgical industry by you.”

Nitam Kumar

“I found the information very useful. this site is for basic knowledge and practical aspects satisfying.”

Omkar Mohanty

“Thanks and Congrats !

Shall continue to enjoy the ISPAT GURU  !”


“Very valuable information sir. Thank You Sir.”


“Exceptionally good literature”

Pinku Ghosh

“Sir, it is a gr8 effort taken by you to share your own knowledge and experience which is rare indeed.”

PK Mishra

” I have glanced through some of your documents .

The idea is superb , a big contribution from your end , which I admire the most ”

PN Rao

“ I am very happy to know that you have started a wonderful platform for sharing various technical and management issues. I have gone through few of the articles. They are very much informative. Our younger generations will be immensely benefited, no doubt about it.”

Prabhakar Tripathi

“Thanks for your selfless approach. I am really benefitting and have advised many others to do the same.”

“I thank you very much for sending me the details of your web site which is quite educative and useful for practicing metallurgist.

I wish you all the best in your Endeavour to share the knowledge.”

Prabir Sen

“Very helpful and informative, even for experienced people. Thanks Mr. Sarna”

Prakash Chandra

thanks a lot for effort on this website. All the articles published are very much useful for all metallurgical engineers and students. Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experience and knowledge”

Pravin Savalia

“I regular visit this site I get much information from it.”

Prince Goel

“thank you sir for providing the wonderful and knowledgeable materials

it will help me a lot

thanks a lot sir”

Rajagopal Panigrahi

“Namaskar, I am a Doctorate in Management, your articles are very helpful my students and me. If any doubts, can I posted on your  wall in face book .

Ramji Prasad Singh

Thank you Sarna Saheb for your wonderful job.”

“I have received today the articles posted by you. These provide useful information.

Ram Pravesh Bhagat

I am grateful to you , sir, for sending these .”

Rajindra Clement Ratnapul

“Excellent piece of information. Can come handy for quick reference. My congratulations to the author.”

“We recognize the site’s continuing dedication and contribution to the Metallurgical fraternity, in particular the steel sector. The technical articles which treat a variety of topics are up-to-date, concise and informative. Congratulations.

We wish the site a bright future and hope that the readership will continue to grow.”

“Thank you. Appreciate your ongoing commitment and nice to see that the readership is increasing by the year and becoming more international.”

“A job well done. This list is a great help, thanks to Ispatguru.”

Renati sreenivasulu

” Nice to see that you have started a web site and also consulting services. Great to see you in this line when our country is desperately looking for persons like you to fill the Knowledge Gap. Your experience will surely help Indian Steel Industry to leap to greater heights.”


Congratulation !!! It is indeed a very good achievement. I again wish you more and more best wishes for ISPATGURU”

Ricardo Mosci

“Thank you for the excellent link.”

RK Jain

“Thanks and congratulations for your contribution to the technical fraternity.”

Sadanand Kulkarni

“Quite informative and simple to understand the priceless. Great sir.”

Sagri Ravindranath Nayak

” The contents are useful and serves as a refresher course. good for practicing and consultant engineers”

Sampath Kumar

“Recently when i was googling for some articles, i found this excellent web site with many useful and informative articles, which helps to the steel industry professionals like me.
Thank you very much.”

Santhosh Hegde

“Good to find a experienced Steel Industry Experts Site. I am also been in SAIL, Bokaro Steel, worked mostly in Quality Assurance, Operation in Steel Making & Hot rolling areas. Wish to be updated with your site.”

Sara Hornby

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Savio Pereira

“I thank you for creating such wonderful & knowledge rich articles and website.

It is an inspiration for me.”


“Sir, your articles are very much impressive and informative. I have a request; please give information also on the quality control requirement in each area of the iron and steel industry.”

SG Tudekar

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It supports lot of good technological advancement with basic knowledge.”

Shailendra Shukla

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SK Nandy

“Very informative article. We request for more such articles in future.”

S N Namboodiri

“The Best Website of a Steelmaker”

S N Pandey

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Shailendra Bhargava

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I am  a great fan of your site.”

Sourabh Singh

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S. Sen

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Subhas Behera


This is really an achievement, what people dreamt of.

An inspiration to people in the line.

Excellent creation for the Industries in practices. Engineering Executives, Plant Operators and CEOs may not search for the references every field of Iron & Steel making.

My best wishes”


“Thanks for your esteem efforts”

Tanmay Roy

“Thank you very much for the great job done.”

Tekumalla Venkat

“sir, thank q very much for valuable Ispat guru Community”

Tenneti Murty

I personally feel, it’s a great Service you are rendering to the Society by providing such valuable Knowledge so extremely useful for any upcoming Organization or Individual. I pray to God to Bless You with lot more Energy, Good Health & Happiness so that the Society at large can reap the benefits through your Contributions.”

Thomas Coyne

I have as well been involved in the metals and minerals field since 1965 and I have found the Sarna documents to be a wonderful tool to introduce the public into a general understanding of the Iron and Steel field and technology.

Thomas J Coyne jr

“I have found that your articles are of an utmost value in my continued work and advisories with developing nations and in their quest to educate their people and implement exploiting of their natural resources for their development.  I wish to thank you for that and after 50 years in the I&S industry find it to be a simple introduction to all the various subjects in the industry.”

TK Nagabhushana

I admire your dedication to the cause of educating professionals through simplified illustrations and crispy notes, in your characteristic style. I wish you many more successful milestones.”

Vijay M. Lal

“Very good job, Sarna Sahab. Congratulations. Please keep up the effort.”

“Thank you, Sarna Sahab. I congratulate you on this highly educational work. I will refer to this to my friends in the industry.”

Vikranth Rao.P

“good web site and congratulations for your achievement.”

“Thanks for your mail. it was so useful.”

Vinod Giri

“I congratulate the whole Ispatguru team for achieving this milestone. I have read almost all the articles posted by you. All the articles are giving very good knowledge to any professional.”

William Roberts

“Your postings on the effect of various elements in steel are very interesting and informative. Please keep up the good work!”

Yezad Kapadia

“I must commend you for the painstaking effort you have put in to compile this huge list of very interesting articles. I find them very interesting and shall save them for reading at leisure.”

Y Manohar

“They are very useful. No where one can get such practical tips. It will be very useful for practioners. New trainees in steel plants and teaching community alike. i appeal to MR Sarna to share more such intelligent pieces.”

“The compilation is just wonderful and amazingly useful. I am sure more would stand to benefit form these in the near future.”


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